August 28, 2010

{recipe} Spinach Smoothie

Weekly Test Recipes - week 31!

I have been loving smoothies every once in a while since I bought my blender last spring.  Recently I came across a smoothie tutorial on Our Best Bites.  If you like smoothies, check it out.  If you like food at all, check out Our Best Bites.  I have a lot of future test recipes bookmarked from them.  Anywho, in this smoothie tutorial, they mention adding spinach to your smoothies as an easy and sneaky way to get lots of good nutrients into a tasty treat.  I like smoothies, and I like spinach, so I decided to test it out!  The recipe below is the one I tested out, but if you visit their site you can see there are countless ingredient combinations to discover.


1/2 c. orange juice
4 oz. yogurt (I like Activia light, and used peach this time)
1/2 c. strawberries (I used frozen)
1 frozen banana
1 handful baby spinach

Place orange juice and yogurt in blender and mix until combined.  Add strawberries and pulse ice-crush button until smooth.  Add banana and spinach and puree until smooth. 

Makes 1 smoothie.

This is seriously sooo good.  And, other than the slight color change, you can't even tell there's spinach! 

A couple days later I made one with strawberries, cantaloupe, OJ, peach yogurt, banana, spinach, and flax seed. It was also very yummy, but I didn't like it as much with the cantaloupe in there.  Go make your own smoothie today!  They are a refreshing and healthy snack or breakfast on a summer day!


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