March 20, 2010

{recipe} Caesar Pockets

Test Recipes Week 4 (continued)!

Caesar Pockets. Or in my case, Caesar Wraps.  I thought this recipe was soooo yummy! And very, very quick and easy to make! Perfect for a weeknight meal, or a quick lunch on the go. I made a couple changes to this recipe. First, I couldn't find roasted red pepper strips at the grocery store, so I substituted pimentos. It was still good. Second, Pita bread was hard to find too, so I substituted Roasted Tomato tortillas. (It was a weeknight and I didn't feel like driving across town to the bigger grocery store.) It was still YUM! I'm a huge fan of wraps, and the tanginess of this one was a nice change to regular turkey-lettuce-cheese wraps. I rated it EXCELLENT.

CAESAR POCKETS (Kraft Food and Family)

4 c. torn romaine lettuce
6 oz. shaved smoked turkey breast, cut into strips
¼ c. drained roasted red pepper strips
3 Tbsp. grated parmesan cheese
¼ c. Caesar dressing (can also use ranch)
4 pita breads, wamed, cut in half

Toss lettuce with turkey, peppers, cheese, and dressing. Spoon into pitas.
4 servings

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