September 20, 2010

Fast Fall Craft

I was home alone this weekend and the crafting bug hit.  Hard.  I browsed projects I've bookmarked on my computer, decided which ones I was going to tackle, and made a trip to Hobby Lobby.  I love you Hobby Lobby.  While I was there I found some new fall decorations, took lots of pictures of possible decor for the wedding, and left with much more than I went in for.  Details later this week or next about the project that inspired the HL trip.

While I was perusing the aisles, I walked past the aisle containing felt and immediately thought of the Valentine's decoration I had made.  Inspiration!  I veered right and picked out some fall felt colors for a new crafty idea.

* Felt in fall colors
* Coordinating ribbon
* Scissors
* Leaf pattern (I found mine in Google Images, copied into Word, printed off and traced/cut out of cardboard)
* Glue gun
* Lighter, matches, or candle lighter



1. After you trace and cut out your leaf stencil, trace onto felt pieces.  I cut out two leaves in each color, but didn't end up using all of them.  You can cut more or less, depending on how you want it to look.  I suggest using permanent markers to trace, preferably in colors similar to the felt (I used black for the red felt, and orange for the yellow/orange felt).

2. Cut out your leaves.  Preferrably while watching an episode of Bridezillas and gasping at their craziness.

3. I decided to use the lighter to spiffen up the edges of the leaves a little bit.  The candle lighters where you push the button to ignite worked well for this because it kept my fingers from getting too hot like a match would, and it can quickly be extinguished.  Run the lighter quickly along all the edges of your leaves so the edges darken/melt slightly.  Don't hold it too long in one spot, or it will melt and start to shrivel up.  This happened to me a couple times on one leaf and the points of the leaves disappeared, making the leaf very lop-sided.

4.  Hot glue the leaves to one length of ribbon..  I used a spacer (just the width of a measuring tape) to make sure all the leaves were equally spaced apart on the ribbon.  I cut about a 4-in. piece of ribbon, looped it in half, and glued to the top of the first leaf to use as a hanger.

5.  Viola!  Easy, quick, and cute!  Honestly, once I found the leaf pattern and printed it off, this was done in under an hour.

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