February 7, 2010

Happy Heart Craft

I had so much fun designing and making this little delight.  I loved it so much, I even made one for each of my five sisters :)  Don't tell them!

*various shades of felt.  Don't you just LOVE the sparkly felt?  I think it's what I love the most about this project.
*fabric scissors/pinking shears
*heart pattern in two sizes.  I traced cookie cutters onto a cereal box and cut them out.  This worked really well.  They held their shape great while i traced them almost 60 times onto the felt.
*pencil/pen (for tracing)
*spray adhesive
*festive ribbon
*glue gun

First I cut all my hearts out, then randomly paired them up.  Using the spray adhesive, I sprayed only the backs of the small hearts.  On the first heart, I sprayed both the small and large hearts, but soon found that all the exposed parts of the large heart remained sticky (I thought it would dry non-tacky, but no such luck).  I let them dry overnight, then assembled the next day.

A dot of glue on the top and bottom 'points' of the heart was just enough to secure it to the ribbon.  I cut a 1" square spacer out of scrap felt to make sure the hearts were spaced equally apart.  Finally, a little ribbon loop for hanging glued to the top heart, and it was done!  Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

And totally cute :)


  1. Cheryl, you just made my day. You are the first to comment on my blog! Thank you!

  2. I have an absurd amount of red felt I need to use. Thanks for the idea! I am your newest follower. I'd love for you to follow me back!

  3. Thanks! I'm now a follower of you too. Your "Duff" story bummed me out!