September 19, 2010

New Fall Decor

I took a trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday to get supplies for a project I'll be posting about later.  But it's impossible to visit HL without doing lots of browsing and dreaming. Fall decorations were 50% off, so I took a look around, and found these little cuties:

They look great in my living room with the fall decor I made last year:

It may be a little early for "Give Thanks" decor, since Thanksgiving isn't until November.  But I'm not a fan of Halloween and won't be putting up any Halloween decorations, so this will be up for a couple months.  Hey, it has beautiful fall colors and we should be thankful year-round, not just a couple weeks per year.  Later this week I'll be posting the project that caused the trip to Hobby Lobby in the first place.  I love it!  Now, if only South Texas had fall weather....

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