November 3, 2010

What I Love

I'm starting a new regular post on this blog: What I Love Wednesday.

This week's obsession: Lemon Water!!

I've started pouring a bottle of water before going to bed and letting it sit on the counter overnight so it's room temperature in the morning. Before I go to work, I warm a lemon in the microwave for 20 seconds, roll on the counter to release the juices, slice in half, and squeeze the juice from one half into the water. I like the water room temperature because I can just down the stuff. But throughout the work day I refill the bottle with cold water and add additional lemon juice for a refreshing thirst quencher throughout the day.

It's nice because I usually am not a water drinker, but this is a great way to get my H20 intake because it has flavor. Try it!

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