October 26, 2010

SLP Project: Window Decor

In the speech therapy clinic I work at, we all have large windows in our therapy rooms. Unfortunately, those windows don't face the outside world, but it's better than nothing. I like to decorate my windows for the seasons, and I especially like to get my patients involved in the task.

Living close to the beach, I wanted to incorporate water/ocean/sealife into my window. I ended up finding some free clipart line drawings of fish (searched Google Images), made a bunch of copies, and let my patients color them at the end of their sessions. Then I cut them out, put their names on them, and hung them up in the window! I wanted to add a little extra, so I made some waves and an octopus. The kids loved it and I adored their creativity!

a close-up of some of my favorite fish

A couple weeks ago I took the fish down, and sent them home with their owners. Later this week I'll post my Fall Window, which I am in love with.

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